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Attaching your coax cable to the RV Park power pedestal just got easier with our RV Cable Grip.

Every time you park at a campsite you attach the coax cable to your RV and the park power pedestal or to your portable satellite dish.  As you know, the small hex on the end of the cable is hard to attach without a wrench.  That is why the RV Cable Grip was developed.

Problem Solved!

Our RV Cable Grip attaches to any standard F-Connector coax cable quickly and easily. You now have an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed grip to tighten and loosen the cable at both ends.

Include one pair of Grips, installation tool, and full color instructions
Plus $3.00 shipping & handling in US.

Shipping outside US varys by location
J Wright Concepts   PO Box 292511   Sacramento CA   95829
(916) 955-0048     cablegripguy@gmail.com 
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